…where the name of the blog comes from…

Martina and I decided to start our project through sharing a collection of materials (texts, videos, audio files, links, photos …) we consider relevant and that might serve as springboard for developing a collaboration that searches for ways to tap the full potential of this work mode for artistic processes. The dramaturge Rudi Laerman gave a  lecture in connex to the performance “Kollaborateure” on 23.February 2011 at Tanzquartier Vienna (http://www.tqw.at) and generously agreed to share his text on our blog. He makes a reference to Michael Hardt & Antonio Negri’s understanding of “love” when addressing commonality, and introduced the “fabric of trust” as fundamental condition of possibility of the common. Here we go!

Kollaborateure: Lisa Hinterreithner, Valerie Oberleithner, Amanda Piña, Martina Ruhsam

We also make available a yet unpublished audio file that was read & recorded during Sweet & Tender Collaborations in Porto 2008 by Beby Razafimandimby and Mariella Greil, a remix version of a text written by Tommy Noonan (http://www.tommynoonan.net).

Listen to the Sweet & Tender Radio: http://soundcloud.com/fluten/sweet-tender-radio/s-n9BKr

Find out about Sweet & Tender Collaborations: http://www.sweetandtender.org

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