ON THE ROAD #1 Potsdam

The first edition of ON THE ROAD takes place from 16th – 19th October in Potsdam. 

Martina Ruhsam and Mariella Greil will contribute with their performative lecture Kollaboration als widerständige Praxis – Formen und Ethiken des Zusammenarbeitens (Collaboration as Resistant Practice – Forms and Ethics of Working Together) and will moderate one of the work forums, alongside Steffen Klewa and Jörg Albrecht, founders of the performance-collective copy & waste and the artistic director of Campo Kristof Blomm. Furthermore mediator Anke Kautz will speak about conflict management, Dr. Neela Enke discusses non-hierarchic leadership and Karin Kirchhoff talks about fund-raising. There will be open rehearsals, warm ups and time for exchange!

Free admission! Please join us at fabrik Potsdam, T-Werk

Schiffbauergasse 10, 14467 Potsdam

From Monday, 16th October 2017 starting at 8 pm

Until Thursday, 9th October 2017 ending at 12:30 pm

Details: http://darstellende-kuenste.de/de/akademie/on-the-road-1.html

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